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USCIS Updated the Process Review Process for Cubans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans

The United States government currently grants travel authorization to up to 30,000 people each month to come to the United States to apply for temporary parole on a case-by-case basis under the processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans. Due to the great interest in these processes, USCIS has updated the review process effective May 17, 2023.

USCIS has updated this process because the number of support persons who have filed Form I-134A, Online Application to Become a Support Person and Declaration of Financial Support, is significantly higher than the 30,000 travel authorizations available monthly. This is to maintain a significant and equal opportunity for all beneficiaries of a Form I-134A to move forward in the process and apply for advance travel authorization.

Under the new review process that went into effect May 17, USCIS will randomly select approximately half of the monthly total, regardless of the filing date of all pending Forms I-134A, to determine if the case can be confirmed. The other half of the monthly total of Forms I-134A will be reviewed in order of receipt based on the filing date of the case, prioritizing the oldest Form I-134A for review.

Potential support persons should not submit a duplicate Form I-134A for the same beneficiary. USCIS will not accept a duplicate Form I-134A as long as a previously filed Form I-134A between the same potential support person and the beneficiary remains pending. If USCIS does not confirm a Form I-134A, and a support person believes they meet the requirements to be a support person under the process, that person may file a new Form I-134A and submit additional information as evidence.

Under this updated review process, processing times will vary. Potential support persons can monitor the status of the Forms I-134A they filed with your USCIS account online or check the latest status at Online Case Status. The USCIS Contact Center cannot provide additional information about the status of your case. 

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