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To immigrate is to leave your native country with the intention of settling in another. On this page we refer specifically to the immigration process in the United States. The purpose of this page is to provide information on the different ways to immigrate to the United States and their requirements; in addition to guiding those who have already immigrated to obtain legal status as immigrants.


The decision to become a United States citizen is one of the most important in a person's life. If you decide to apply for US citizenship, you are demonstrating your commitment to the United States and your loyalty to the Constitution. In return, you will be granted all the rights and privileges of US citizenship.

Permanent residence

A permanent resident is someone who, without being a US citizen, has the authorization to reside and work in the United States permanently. A permanent resident card, commonly called a “Green card”, is the one that identifies permanent residents.

Temporary Status

Temporary protected status or TPS is a temporary immigration status that is granted to nationals of certain countries due to so-called extraordinary conditions which prevent them from returning to their countries of origin without risk due to continuous armed conflicts, an environmental catastrophe or other extraordinary conditions.

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