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iacoimmigration    CENTER CITY MALL, 301 Main Street, Suite 401, Paterson, NJ 07505

At IACO, we are committed to providing educational and training opportunities that empower our community. Our services include:

Civics and Citizenship Classes

Designed to educate about the rights and responsibilities that immigrants have, our civics and citizenship classes offer a detailed understanding of the naturalization process in the United States. We focus on preparing people with limited English proficiency to obtain US citizenship. Our program focuses on extensive preparation for the citizenship test, including the interview and review of the 100 questions. Sign up here.

English classes like Second Language (ESL)

Designed to help those who want to improve their command of the English language. We offer an interactive learning environment focused on developing practical language skills for everyday life. For more information you can call our offices. Sign up here.

Digital Literacy Classes for Seniors

Aimed at Hispanic older adults who want to acquire skills in the use of digital technology, focusing on the effective use of technology to access important information and services. Additionally, we encourage our participants to use our website as a tool for practice and access to benefits aimed at older adults. Sign up here.

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