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The main purpose of this program is to bring awareness to the immigrant population in particular and to the whole population in general: governmental officials, non-profit organizations, consular delegations, and civil society about the importance of integrating the immigrants into the American Society. And also, help immigrants identify their responsibilities, obligations and rights in society so they can participate in the creation of a society more secure, stable and fair.

The specific objectives of this program are:

  • To timely inform the immigrants about the regulations, procedures and changes that affect the stability of immigrants and their families, as well as to orient the community in general regarding different subjects of common interest.
  • To encourage each member of society to take an active role in the process of immigrant integration.
  • To Create a partnership between community leaders, government officials, non-profit organizations and local communities with the objective of developing joint projects that help immigrants integrate fully into society.

This program is developed through: 

  • Seminars and informative lectures: with the participation of specialists in different areas such as taxes, immigration, social services, among others, these seminars and conferences are aimed at the general public and are usually free.

  • The celebration of the “Immigrant Integration Day”: institutionalized in October 2009, this is a day of celebration, information and action, where all different members of the society take part to exchange ideas, views and experiences on how to facilitate the process of integration of immigrants into society.
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