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TRENTON — Effective May 1st, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) will expand the availability of standard driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards to include all New Jersey residents, regardless of immigration status, implementing a law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in December 2019.

“Increased access to a driver’s license will do much to improve the lives of many New Jersey residents and improve public safety,” said MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton. “Our roads are safer when drivers are trained, tested, licensed and insured.”

All those seeking new licenses will need to complete the state’s Graduated Drivers License program and will receive a standard New Jersey driver license or ID when the requirements are met.

The Graduated Driver’s License program is described in detail on the First Drivers License/MVC ID webpage. NJMVC offers resources in English and Spanish including:

These updated document requirements were recently published on the MVC website in English and Spanish. Applicants must prove their identity (using “6 identification points”) and their residency in New Jersey, and provide a social security number or ITIN. Beginning June 1, applicants will have the option to provide an affidavit instead of a Social Security number or ITIN.

After successfully purchasing a permit, applicants will need to complete the remaining requirements of the graduated drivers license program, which include passing a knowledge exam, a period of supervised driving practice and passing a practical exam.

Qualified applicants who have the required documents must schedule an online appointment at to obtain their initial permit. Customers should not call or show up at any MVC location to make an appointment. Appointments are added every day, so customers should check the website frequently and test multiple licensing centers.

While MVC is adding new permission appointments, there will be an initial rush for appointments and some delays in scheduling due to the increased number of requests. This will not affect other types of appointments or transactions that are widely available on the website.

“Another 400-450,000 New Jersey residents may be eligible for a license beginning May 1st,” Chief Fulton said. “This will increase the demand for new permit designations and, later, knowledge testing. Over the next few months, New Jersey customers who obtain their first driver’s license or non-driver ID and who are not part of a high school or driving school program will experience long waits for appointments.”

To increase in-person capacity and accelerate transactions, MVC has launched several new initiatives:

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