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Nonimmigrant visas are issued to foreigners who try to stay in the United States for a specified period of time. This period may vary according to the classification under which the nonimmigrant entered to the United States.

The nonimmigrant classification includes: foreign government officials, visitors for business or pleasure, aliens in transit, investors, students, international representatives, temporary workers and trainees, representatives of foreign media, exchange visitors, fiancé of U.S. citizens, employees transferred within the same company, NATO officials, religious workers, and others. Most nonimmigrants can be accompanied by their spouses and unmarried minor children.

Types of nonimmigrant visas for temporary visitors:

  • A: Diplomats and foreign government officials
  • A2: Foreign military personnel stationed in the U.S
  • B1: Athletes, amateur & professional (compete for prize money only), Business visitors, Domestic employees or nanny -must be accompanying a foreign national employer.
  • B2: Medical treatment, visitors for tourism, vacation, pleasure visitors
  • C: Transiting the United States
  • D: Crewmembers
  • E: Treaty traders/treaty investors
  • F: Students ( academic, vocational)
  • G1-G5: Employees of a designated international organization, and NATO
  • H1B: Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Professionals: Chile, SingaporeTrabajadores en ocupaciones especiales, Physician, Specialty occupations in fields requiring highly specialized knowledge,
  • H2A: Temporary agricultural workers
  • H2B: Temporary workers performing other services or labor of a temporary or seasonal nature
  • H3: Training in a program not primarily for employment
  • I: Media, journalists
  • J: Au pairs (exchange visitor), Physician, Professor, scholar, teacher (exchange visitor)
  • K1: Fiancé
  • L: Intra-company transferes
  • G1: M: Students: academic, vocational
  • O: Foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics
  • P: Performing athletes, artists, entertainers
  • Q1: International cultural exchange visitors
  • R: Religious workers
  • T: Victims of Human Trafficking
  • U: Victims of Criminal Activity

For more detailed information specific to each visa category, call IACO at 973-472-4648

For more information about the Non Immigrant Visas, go to Deparment of State web page.

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