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IACO is an organization recognized by the Department of Justice (DOJ)’s Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP)

The DOJ is responsible for the recognition of organizations and accreditation of representatives requesting permission to practice before DHS, the immigration courts, and the DOJ. One of the requirements to be established as an recognized organization is that the organization must establish to the satisfaction of the Board that it only charges nominal fees and it has at its disposal adequate knowledge, information and experience.

Since 2006, IACO has been recognized by the DOJ.

Esperanza Torres, deputy director of IACO, was accredited by the DOJ on behalf of IACO to represent the immigrants before the USCIS. She has worked in the immigration field during 10 years.

IACO also has the services of Ileana Montes, as Legal director, and Masiel Valentín, as staff lawyer. They are lawyers specialized in immigration issues and represent IACO’s clients before the USCIS.

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