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Parents and Guardians Working in NJ

You. Do you know that you have the right to paid sick leave?

Under the law, the license is used to:

  • Caring for your child if their school or daycare closes due to COVID-19 (including mandatory remote learning) or other public health crisis
  • Quarantine based on the recommendation of a medical professional or public health authority or to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and/or recover from side effects
  • Attending school-related conferences or events requested or required by a school teacher or other professional responsible for your child's education
  • Attend meetings about the care/service provided to your child related to your child's health or disability
  • Take care of your child's physical/mental health, or preventative care like a regular checkup

Workers get 1 hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to a cap of 40 hours per year, or their employer is allowed to offer the maximum of 40 hours at a time.

Do you need a longer leave to care for a child who is learning remotely mandatory? Visited for information about paid benefits and federal and New Jersey job protections.

Do you need to be away from work long-term due to pregnancy, childbirth, illness/injury, or to care for a loved one? To learn more about paid family and medical leave, visit

For more information visit:

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