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New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance

insurance of Temporary Disability for recovery from pregnancy/childbirth

Temporary Disability provides financial benefits to pregnant mothers when they need to stop working before giving birth and while they recover. Parents can go directly from Temporary Disability to bonding benefits, also known as Family Leave Insurance. More information in

Temporary Disability Insurance for COVID-19

If your health care provider certifies that you are unable to work because you are at high risk for COVID-19 due to an underlying condition, you may be entitled to temporary disability insurance for COVID-19.

Covered Employers and Employees

 Employers must participate in the State Temporary Disability Insurance plan and deduct their payroll taxes for it, or provide a private plan. The federal government is exempt and it is optional for local governments (for example, counties, municipalities, and school districts). Generally, employees who work a significant amount of time outside of NJ are not covered, but it is recommended that they apply to find out if they are eligible.

If you are covered by a private plan, your employer's insurance company is responsible for processing and paying benefits on your disability claim. Contact your employer for more information about your coverage and to get an application.

employment protection

Temporary Disability Insurance is a wage replacement program and does not provide employment protection. However, your job may be protected by the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which is separate and enforced by the US Department of Labor. In general, companies with at least 50 employees are covered by the FMLA and must provide up to 12 weeks of job-protected unpaid medical leave. If you take leave under this law, you may need to notify your employer. 
In addition, if an employer retaliates against you for taking or attempting to take Temporary Disability benefits, you have the right to take private legal action. 
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