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Five Important Facts for New Jersey Workers

1. You can use your NJ paid sick leave to take a COVID-19 test, receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and recover from side effects.* Employers are required by law to provide paid sick time to most employers. the employees:

2. If you need time off work to test, quarantine, or care for a loved one, you may be eligible for benefits.* Learn more: 

3. Your employer cannot discriminate against you because you have COVID-19.* To learn more about the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination:

4. Get information about immunizations, tests, and health and safety and at work:

5. Review job postings, take accredited online courses at no cost, and receive personalized professional support:

*Paid sick leave and discrimination protections apply to almost all workers, regardless of how they are paid or their immigration status. Learn more at

For more information:  COVID and work

Source: NJ.Gov – Working and Covid-19

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