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Benefits for New Jersey Working Parents to Be and New Parents


Leave Benefits: NJ Family Leave and Temporary Disability Insurance Benefits

During My Pregnancy and Recovery

How to Receive Benefits: Temporary Disability Insurance 

Birth parents must apply for temporary disability insurance at:

The health care provider determines the length of the leave.

  • Generally, cash benefits are granted for 10 to 12 weeks, so you can stop working and take care of yourself before and after your baby is born. Usually 4 weeks before your due date, plus another 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery or 8 weeks after a C-section
  • Leave may last longer if you have major complications or are in isolation for a public health emergency

As I Bond With My Baby

How to Receive Benefits: Family Leave Insurance

Submit your application at:

Economic benefits are granted for a maximum of 12 weeks, so you can stop working and bond with your newborn child. Option Number One: Take all 12 weeks at once. Option Number Two: Take a maximum of 56 days (8 weeks) in different stages. 

  • Benefits can be used during the baby's first year of age. The same goes for adoptive parents.
  • Adoptive and foster parents are eligible within one year of placement.
  • Adoptive parents must apply for bonding benefits online at:

Most New Jersey Employees Qualify 

  • For the year 2022, you must have earned compensation of at least $12,000 total or $240 per week for 20 weeks in the 18 months prior to filing your claim for benefits. 
  • Apply online at and start the application process up to 60 days before your license.

Receive 85% of your average salary, up to $993 per week

  • Learn more about how you will be paid at
  • It can take 2-6 weeks to approve a claim and pay benefits once we complete the application, including medical forms. Follow up with your healthcare provider to ensure the process is done in a timely manner.

Employers must participate in these public insurance programs and deduct payroll taxes for employees working in New Jersey, or provide a private insurance plan. The federal government is not required to participate in any of the programs. For local governments (for example, counties, municipalities, and school districts), family license insurance is required, but public temporary disability insurance is optional. Generally, employees who work a significant amount of time outside of New Jersey are not covered, but are encouraged to apply to find out.

For important information about notifying your employer, application tips, and more, visit For information on private insurance plans, contact your employer to learn more about your coverage and obtain a license application

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