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New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Services

The Department of Labor and DNew Jersey Workforce Development is committed to helping workers in the Garden State. To do this, it provides different services and information virtually and in person.

Professional services: The Professional Centers Iwho during the pandemic attended to theiróit virtually, now offersn their services also in person and customized through appointments. These Centers can helple lets start sor next job opportunity providing information on employment guidance, job offers and training. New Jersey workers can now access over 5000 free virtual trainings to improve their skills. 

Likewise, it provides vocational rehabilitation services for those people who have a disability that is an impediment to employment and information on whether the person qualifies to receive assistance. To get more information, visit the page and fill out the Career Services Request Form. 

Unemployment insurance: In relation to Unemployment Insurance, the long waits on the phone to receive attention are over. Call center agents are currently available to help you move your claim forward. For Northern New Jersey call 201-601-4100, for Central New Jersey 732-761-2020 and for Southern New Jersey 856-507-2340. If you are calling from out of state, you must call from a phone with an out-of-state area code at 888-795-6672. You can also visit the page 

Temporary Disability Insurance and Family Leave: You can be helped with your application for Temporary Disability Insurance, Family Leave or Social Security Disability through the page There you will find a list of helpful resources and contacts. 

Enforcement of wages, hours and contracts: If you feel you are entitled to benefits such as overtime, lost wages, paid leave, and others, you can also be helped. All Garden State workers have protections under the law. For more information, visit the page 

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